Video of Nairobi’s most stunning villa

By Africashot / August, 4, 2014 / 38 comments

Once more we have been honored to film one of Kenya’s most fascinating real estate projects, this time in Nairobi. Thanks to Zana International, a company introducing Africa’s most exclusive products to the world, we had the chance to create a video of this masterpiece by Kenya’s most renowned Architect, Mehraz Ehsani.

While the property itself with its numerous pools, in and outdoor Jacuzzis and stunning spaces can easily take your breath away we were also lucky to count on the assistance of Boconcept who supplied the extravagant furniture and currently Kenya’s only Mercedes 2014 S-Klasse model, supplied by DT-Dobie.

In order to supply you with a birds eye view of the surrounding of the villa, we were assisted by the guys at Hoverpix, bringing in their piloting skills with a drone and a Panasonic Gh3 on their gyrostabilized gimbal.

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Our goal was to produce one of the continents most fascinating real estate videos, please let us know if we have succeeded in the comments!

38 Responses to Video of Nairobi’s most stunning villa

  • Evans

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! I think you nailed it. Lived in Nairobi almost 7 years and couldn’t believe that was shot here. I’m thoroughly fascinated with this one so my verdict is that you’ve succeeded in your goal. Good stuff!

    • Africashot

      Thanks a lot Evans!

  • Nairobian Perspective

    Without doubt you reached your goal….the video is epic,shots panoramic,narration;World Class and visual appeal:award winning…i so admire the house, kudos!

    • admin

      Thank you very much for your encouraging words!

  • ishmael

    You achieved your goal and then some.
    the house is amazing.
    Its good for the rest of the world to see Africa as it is and as it could be.

    • admin

      Its good to be spreading the word!

    • Lillian

      *Africa as it is and as it could be* … Couldn’t have said it any better

  • malcolmmaima

    where is this house exactly in nairobi? and how much does it cost?

  • Gitts

    Wow! Amazing stuff is all I can say

    • admin

      Thanks a lot Gitts!

  • Betty

    Positive posts of my Country topped with this awesome house makes my heart swell with pride. I love real estate. You captured it all.

    • admin

      Thank you Betty, it is good to focus on the many positive sides of this country!

  • Sammy

    Wow! I’m speechless…that’s a breathtaking piece!

    • Africashot

      Thanks Sammy!

  • Lillian

    *Africa as it is and as it could be* …. Couldn’t have said it better …

  • Ian Jwan

    finaly,have been dying to move to S.A because there houses are truly a work of art,am proud to see Kenya is on the right track.Reconsidering my move. 🙂

    • Africashot

      Good to hear you are reconsidering Ian!

  • Harmon Okinyo

    This is real good report for Africa, more so Kenya. We need such balance

  • Kimani Ndoria

    For a moment you are reminded of the tv show “lifestyles of the rich and famous” then you realise this is in Nairobi,Kenya Africa!! as it is and could be!glad to see the visual industry growing and embracing/applying new technology!…Spectacular!

  • victor mumbo

    brilliant …absolutely brilliant

  • Brett

    Wow…’s kind of hard to believe this is right here in Kenya. The house is absolutely out of this world. And…the video shooting skills involved in this is so good, it makes you want to cry! Congratulation guys, you have something here!

  • Edwin Otongo

    To say this is breathtaking is an understatement…..

  • Harison

    Ok, words fail me. The video feel is superb by standards. Very well plotted. At some point I almost thought I was in the car heading there. Amazing stuff!

  • Tomno Enock

    Amazing! This is the epitome of perfection!!!

  • voke

    well…i would like to live there. perfect house..perfect location..and the view of still young so im sure by the time id want to settle ill get the same. goodwork.

  • Droy

    Wow this truly is amazing, brings Nairobi to the world in a dazzling limelight! Awesome job!

  • corruption

    Surprisingly the power didn’t go out during filming! Now that’s kenya in 2014. Sad

  • tedd

    Wow,I am now motivated.Good work.Quickly though…with 7 million can zana international create something exquisite with this amount?

  • Judy

    Amazing house! Stunning! The only thing I find fault with is the landscape design – could definitely be better aligned to the style of house, a modern/ contemporary garden would be best suited. Other than that, awesome house.

  • Kaluka

    Beautiful video and narration. And the house is just amazing

  • Victor

    I think this video is amazing! Not only does it start with Shock and Awe, but it leaves you thinking about your future… That is where I need to be! Although im sure DT Dobie could have given the production a better S-Class. S500 V12 AMG maybe?

  • Mu

    Looks extravagant! Feels more like a hotel, retreat center and a little office-like than a home but still impressive and I love how spacious and open it is. I like the gardens too which with a bit more landscaping would definitely be luxurious!

  • Ali Musani

    This is a fantastic house and beautifully presented by you. I design high end houses in London, and in my opinion the architect has done a fantastic job on this project. I have not been back to Kenya for over 20 years, but if this is the quality of high end houses and if there is a market for them then I will definitely reconsider coming back home to develop such properties. Keep it up.

  • toli

    wow i cant imagin.


    The’JURY IS OUT’ ……….THE GURU OF A.D.D.{1978-84}….has surely aged into FINE WINE ARCHITECTURE.
    Mehraz Ehsani is WORLD CLASS.
    Very good work………….MWALIMU!

  • Grant

    Very nicely done. Can I ask how you did the interior shots, was it a slider with a tripod head or a hand held stabiliser? Looks great.

  • Lasting Blueprint

    Wow! This was incredible. Talk about inspiring! I had no idea Kenya had homes like this. The doors was crazy!

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