World Elephant day

By Africashot / August, 13, 2014 / 3 comments

We are probably among the few lucky individuals to ever have experienced a herd of several hundred elephants in front our lens, why anyone would have an interest in purchasing anything made of their teeth and consequently contributing to their extinction goes beyond my understanding. Therefore we try to do everything we can in order to preserve their existence, in this case with a video to promote an auction that will benefit the Sheldrick trust.

If you are interested in taking part on this auction please drop an email to

Here is another we video we have created touching the same subject:


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  • awatef


  • Claude David Herssens

    I wish conservationists could team up their efforts to have access to military satelites and get the assistance to better manage the national parks, game sanctuaries, and game reserves.

    I recently took place in a wildlife forum where the group of experts were showing the recent elephant counts and I felt the metgods being used are outdated…considering available technology.

    A combination of powerful satelite immagery will give animal patterns and will create better protection systems to be put in place with less resources.

    Poaching activity will be better tracked and curtailed based on acquired data.

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